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20+ Gorgeous Ideas for Spring Nails in 2023

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Anyone else sick of winter? In my little corner of the world (southern Africa) it’s been raining non stop and I just can’t wait for it stop so that the sunny days can roll in. It’s not just the warmer weather that makes spring so exciting; it is the blooming flowers and the pastel colors and the dusting out of /sun dresses!

It’s time to get rid of the dull colors of winter and embrace the bright pastels of spring. A great way to do that is to get a beautiful fresh manicure. Now I know with what is going on in the world right now a lot of people don’t have access to their nail technicians/just want to stay safe at home, so this post includes a lot of nail designs you can do on your own at home. Here are 21 beautiful and trendy spring nails you can copy!

20+ Gorgeous Ideas for Spring Nails

Rainbow Pastel French Tips with Black Outline

French tip nails with a beautiful pastel twist. Rainbow pastel nails are super trendy this year and for good reason. These rainbow frenchies with a black outline are so cute. You can never go wrong with a good rainbow nail look.

Lavender Nails

Some times you don’t need to much. These simple lavender nails are gorgeous and they scream spring to me. The beauty about these nails is that you can easily do them yourself at home!

Speckled Easter Egg Inspired Nails

These nails! Ugh, are you drooling? They are just too beautiful and I’m going to replicate them first chance I get..

Emotions Pastel Nails

Spring is all about warm weather and pastel colors and being happy and these nails are just the embodiment of all that.

Cheetah Print Nails

Animal print nail art designs have been really trendy this year. Take a look at these beautiful cheetah print nail designs!

Pastel Rainbow Swirl Nails

I think its safe to say that we’ll be seeing a lot of pastel nail art this spring season and I won’t lie, its a trend I’m not mad at at all.

Abstract Pattern on Peach Nails

These nails are a little more grown up. But if you’re looking for something a little bit more serious and sexy, these are the nails you need to copy.

Cow print French Tips

I have no idea how or when cow print nail art became a trend but it is out there thriving. I don’t know how to feel about the trend as a whole, but one thing is certain these cow French tip nails are so cute.

Minimal Moon Nails

These minimal outline moon nails are simple but surprisingly pretty.

Floral Nail Pattern

Need nails that just scream spring spirit (try saying that five times)? Then these floral nails are perfect for you to copy

3D Foam Floral Frenchies

This is not your typical nail art design with these slightly raised foamy patterns. This is such a unique and fun nail design that is perfect for the spring time.

Mint Nails With Gold Flakes

Simple mint green nails with gold flake details are stunning. Sometimes you don’t have to do too much.

Apple Green Swirl Nails

Pastel green is such a beautiful color and these green nails with a white outline are simple but really cute.

Rainbow Pastel Nails

Sick of pastels yet? Me neither! There could be an infinite number of pastel nail art designs out there and they are would all be gorgeous. You just can go wrong.

Daisies on Nude Pink Nails

These nude pink nails with little daisies just scream spring to me. If you like a sort of classic nail style then these are definitely a must try!

Pastel French Tip Nails

Ok you’re probably tired of seeing the word pastel but y’all I can’t it. Spring is in the air and pastels just represent the spirit of the season so well!

Cow Print Nails with Pink Accent

These nails are so pretty you need to moooooove fast and get them! Sorry it had to be said ????…

Milky Sheer Nails

These nails are making me crave ice pops for some reason… Anyone else feel the same?

Peach French Tip Nails

A classic French tip nail design with a twist, a pretty peachy twist…

Neon Geometric Nails

This nail design may not scream spring but it is still pretty bad ass, no?

Spring Panther Nails

Thank you for reading this post! Did you get inspired? Are you going to recreate on of these looks? Let me know! xoxo…

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